Is it true my receptionist and office staff can get me sued by trying to collect?
 Absolutely, your staff can get you sued and it could cost you thousands of dollars in damages and you could be held liable if your staff is not knowledgeable of the collection laws. The laws are designed to protect your customers by having many rules, regulations and laws regarding collection calls, letters and privacy, including the protection of classified information. It is also possible that your home state requires every business that does any type of collection to be registered with the state even if they are collecting their own money. If your staff is not fully trained, they could say the wrong thing to an unhappy customer and your staff might even accidentally violate the law by discussing a debt with the wrong person or a minor. These are just a few of the many reasons to use KHK as your collection agency. 

Why do customers/debtors pay KHK after they refused to pay my receptionist and my office staff?   
First of all debtors will pay KHK over a receptionist or office staff because we are not their friend and the debtors fear the unknown consequences. Debtors know KHK means business and are doing a job to collect money and will use all legal means to collect it. KHK is professional, knowledgeable and well trained in collecting money and that is their sole business. When you need your phone answered you hire a receptionist. When you need a tooth pulled you go to a dentist. When your car needs repair you go to a mechanic. When you need your delinquent accounts collected, you hire KHK, a full service collection agency.

Are there any local, state or federal laws that KHK follows?           
FDCPA   (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)
FCRA      (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
HIPAA     (Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act)
GLBA      (Gramm Leach Bliley Act)

I’m using a collection agency and I want to use KHK, what do I do?
When terminating the service of another collection agency, first review any contract you may have with them. You may need to give them written notification to close and return your accounts that are still in their office. You will also want to find out when they last sent a letter to your customer. If you have accounts that have already been closed and returned by another agency to you as uncollectable or can’t locate, send those to KHK immediately.   

Can KHK find my customer that moved to California last year?    
KHK has access to specialized skip tracing tools and uses database search engines to help locate customers who have abruptly moved away, left the state or are just trying to avoid bill collectors. KHK may also use independent private investigators for location or asset searches.  KHK knows your customers can run, but they won’t be able to hide forever.

How much does KHK charge to collect an account?                        
Once an account is collected, KHK earns a flat fee of only 30% of the actual collected amount. There are no extra fees for letters, skip-tracing services or collection calls. The 30% fee is below the collection industry average. If KHK does not collect an account, there is absolutely no charge to you, no matter how hard and long KHK worked for you. KHK does not cost you more, KHK gets you more money. 

Does KHK require a Long Term Contract that I have to sign? 
No, KHK does not have a long term contract like many collection agencies. KHK has an easy to understand mutual collection services agreement to protect and benefit both you and KHK.  Part of the agreement states that KHK only earns a fee when they collect your account. It also states what KHK collection fees are and states when you will get paid for the money KHK collected.

I have accounts that are a few years old, will KHK collect them?
KHK prefers to accept newer accounts as the percentage of successful collections is greater but we will gladly accept your older accounts as long as they are valid. Your older accounts must be placed prior to your states statute of limitations running out. Accounts that are older and delinquent longer are generally harder to collect as the collection percentage decreases.  The sooner you turn over an account to us for collections, the odds of collection are greater. Once your account passes the statute of limitations day, they become uncollectable.  Not only will we accept your older accounts, we will accept your accounts that were previously at another collection agency.

How many accounts do I need before I can place them with KHK?
KHK has no minimum requirements for how many accounts you need to place for collections. We want the opportunity to collect on all of your accounts and build a long term business relationship.

What info is needed to place accounts with KHK for collection?  
KHK only needs basic information to get started. Most of information needed would be on your customer’s original application or paperwork. The more information you initially supply on our placement forms, the better chance of recovery. Please review one of our easy to use Placement Forms. Our forms will ask for name, address, phone numbers, amount owed and the date of service or sale, along with other general information.

What are the minimum dollar amounts KHK will collect on?
KHK has no minimum or maximum dollar amounts to accept your accounts for collection as we collect on large and small balances. 

How long does it take KHK to collect an account or claim?  
KHK prides itself in giving 100% effort to all collection accounts. There are no set timetables on how long it takes to collect an account as there are so many unpredictable intangibles. The sooner you place your accounts, the sooner collections can begin. Nobody can predict how long it will take to locate your customer if they move or are hiding. Another advantage is KHK subscribes to several powerful computer database s to help locate people throughout the country. Nobody can predict how many letters or phone calls it will take to motivate your customers into paying. If your customer is hiding, moves to a different state or is trying to avoid collections, the process may take longer. If the collection route leads to a courtroom, it could be lengthy while attorneys could file a lawsuit and may need to secure a court ordered judgment and to have it enforced.

When does KHK disburse payments after an account is collected?
KHK will deposit your customer payments into a trust account. The funds are held in the trust account until the 21st day of the following month. This generally will ensure that the funds are good and paid at the bank. 70% of the gross dollar amount collected is mailed to our clients on the 21st and the other 30% is kept by KHK for collection fees.

My lawyer rarely collects my money; can KHK collect these accounts?    
Many law firms do not specialize in collections and most lawyers are not trained as bill collectors. Most law firms may take your accounts as a personal favor to you and they might send out a letter to your customers. Law firms generally do not have the time or staff to handle collection accounts. Most will not even attempt to locate or even call your customers. Yes, KHK can handle these accounts as that is what we specialize in and we will give you the best effort to recover your money.        

What hours will KHK operate to collect my delinquent accounts?      
KHK follows the local, state and federal laws that regulate the time we can collect and contact your customers in the United States.  The FDCPA states that we can collect from 8am to 9pm in your customer’s local time zone. If we need to contact an international customer, we attempt to contact them locally during regular business hours. KHK might be collecting at 3am in the United States but it could be 11am where your customer is located in another country.   

If you are a consumer with a debt placed in our offices for collection, "This an attempt to collect a debt, by a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

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