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Use this form if your customer is an individual customer and has a debt owed to your company.

​Placement Form

Kennedy, Hayes & Katz, LLC is a highly respected Collection Agency which can collect on all types of consumer and commercial debt. KHK is known as the Experienced Debt Collection Specialists and is dedicated to delivering world class performance to our clients. Our experienced professional team offers our customers the best opportunity to recoup what is rightfully owed to them in a fair and affordable manner with no financial risk.

The Big Difference:  KHK Performs
KHK has made it easy to use our services for reliable and affordable collections as we give you the best opportunity to recover your lost funds for the services or for merchandise you provided your customers. KHK is totally committed to servicing their customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations while increasing their profits. KHK will maintain honesty, integrity and professionalism while providing outstanding performance and service.     

Exceeding The Competition
KHK works solely on a contingency basis and only gets paid for performance when they collect your money.  There is no financial commitment from you except to pay a low fee after your delinquent account has been successfully collected. There are never any advanced or sign-up fees required as our fee is always the same and does not change no matter how hard we have to work to recover your money. In addition, KHK will accept your collection accounts that were previously placed at a collection agency and were not collected or returned to you as uncollectable or can’t be located.

Use this form for patients of Dental Centers, Dental Offices, 
Dentists, and Billing Services.


Use this form for patients of Hospitals, Medical Centers,
Physicians, and Billing Services.

Consumer Placement Form

Use this form if your customer is a business / corporation and has a debt owed to your company.

Business Placement Form

If you are a consumer with a debt placed in our offices for collection,

"This an attempt to collect a debt, by a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose."