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Kennedy, Hayes & Katz, LLC makes it simple to get started. Just follow the easy, step by step instructions below.

A.   First you need to decide which accounts you want to send KHK for collections. Please see our section on “When to Place Accounts” if you are unsure on which accounts to place for collection.  That should help you make the right decision.

B.   Gather as much information that you have on your delinquent customers. The more accurate information you initially provide KHK, it will increase the chances of recovering more of your money. Most of the information needed should be on your initial application and on your last invoice or statement.

C.   You can fill-out one of our Placement Forms directly online to submit your delinquent accounts. Choose which form to use:

 C1.   Consumer Placement Form:  

                  Use this form if your customer is an individual customer and has a debt owed to your company.

C2.  Commercial Business Placement Form: 

                   Use this form if your customer is a business/corporation and has a debt owed to your company.

C3.   Dental Placement Form: 

                  Use this form if you are in the Dental Field offering professional dental services including Dental Clinics, Dental Offices, Dental                   Laboratories, Dental Billing Service or a Dentist and your patient owes a debt.

C4.  Medical Healthcare Placement Form: 

                  Use this form if you are in Healthcare Field offering professional services including Hospitals, Medical Clinics, a Billing Service                   or a Physician and your patient owes a debt.  

D.   Fill out the online form and submit your delinquent accounts for collections.  If there is any additional information needed, a member of KHK will contact you.

Now that your accounts are placed for collections, KHK will begin the collection process giving you the KHK advantage.

E**  If for any reason you prefer not to submit your accounts online, you can also fax or E-mail your completed placement forms directly to KHK.  Click the Navigation Menu on the left side to obtain our Printable Placement Forms and Mutual Service Agreement. If you are unable to print copies, use our contact page and we can fax or e-mail you copies.          



If you are a consumer with a debt placed in our offices for collection, "This an attempt to collect a debt, by a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose."             ​

Kennedy, Hayes & Katz LLC